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2nd Apr 2016

Hello, and welcome to LydCraft. We have a list of rules for everyone to follow.

  1. No racist, homophobic, or discriminating actions, statements, or threats.
  2. Swearing is allowed in SMALL quantities.
  3. Adult content (Pornography) is not allowed in any part of this website.
  4. Respect the staff, they are here to protect our players and forum users.
  5. Do not make departure threads, they cause drama we do not like.
  6. Alternate Forum accounts are not allowed.
  7. Do not spam with worthless posts, such as Emoji filled posts with barely any words.

Failure to follow the rules will result in consequences.

More rules may be added if
deemed necessary.

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If you need assistance, please send me a PM. I'm always happy to help. c:

Last Edit: 2nd Apr 2016 by Pyntuma
Forum » Community » Rules Locked
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