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Server Rules
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Joined: 2nd Apr 2016
Rank: Admin
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4th Apr 2016

These are the rules of the server. (All forum and teamspeak rules apply as well.):

Rule 1: No Racism, Sexism, or Homophobia is welcome here.. Please don't discriminate others.

Rule 2: Griefing (deliberately destroying or building blocks on a member's plot without permission) is not permitted. This includes the 'throw a bunch of stuff on the ground to lag people' griefing.

Rule 3: Bullying and harassment are NOT permitted in any way, shape, or form. Just be nice, people. It's not hard.

Rule 4: Drama is not welcome here. Feed it to your llama. It's their favorite food.

Rule 5: There are certain words that you are not allowed to say. (No, I am not going to list them here for you.) There's no need. Just, be kind and don't swear like a sailor.

Rule 6: Spamming the server chat is not allowed. This includes unnecessarily long hashtags, number spam (the 'say 123 if' spam), letter spam (the 'njsdjsdk' spam), word spam (repeatedly saying words), and any other form of spam not listed here.

Rule 7: Please do not advertise other servers.

Rule 8: Just because a rule is not listed does not mean it doesn't apply. Use common sense and be kind.

**Failure to comply with rules will result in consequences.**

Rules may be added if deemed necessary. Thank you for your time.


20 - 100 blocks: 3 day ban
101 - 300 blocks: 5 day ban
301 - 500 blocks 10 day ban.
501 - 700 blocks: 15 day ban.
701 + blocks: Perm Ban

Used Worldedit in grief: Perm Ban
Liquid Grief: Perm Ban
Multiple Plots: Perm Ban
Previous Ban: Perm Ban

Offensive usernames on a player will receive either a 30-Day Ban (Until you change it) or they will receive the nickname "DoodleBrain"

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If you need assistance, please send me a PM. I'm always happy to help. c:

Last Edit: 14th Apr 2016 by MaleQueenOfKFC
Forum » Community » Rules Locked
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