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Administrator Guidelines (2016)
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14th Apr 2016

The following thread will be the guideline for Administrators on LydCraft. You must also follow the Moderator Guidelines while doing chat moderation.

./warn (user) (reason)
./dwarn (user)
./alts (user) 
./nick (user) (nickname)
./mute (user) (reason)
./ban (user) (reason)
./p reset
./p clear
./lb tb
./lb rb player [user] area [radius] since
/co inspect
/co rollback <params>
/co restore <params>
/co lookup <params>
/co undo
/co help

./p wea
./tempmute (user) (length) (reason)
./tempban (user) (length) (reason)
s =  seconds
m = minutes
h = hours
d = days

Inappropriate Names:
We are very light on our rules here, but we still don't tolerate some things.
If the username has Racism, Sexism, Homophobia, or any other form of offensive
name we ban them for 30 days.

./tempban (user) 30d Inappropriate username // Please change your username (Appeal on when changed)

The biggest problem known to creative servers.
Below are the listed ban lengths for different grief quantities.

Grief Ban Times:
20 - 100 blocks: 3 day ban
101 - 300 blocks: 5 day ban
301 - 500 blocks 10 day ban.
501 - 700 blocks: 15 day ban.
701 + blocks: Perm Ban
Water Grief: Perm Ban
Multiple Griefs: Perm Ban (If they've griefed more than 1 plot,
or this is their second time griefing a plot.)

./ban (user) Liquid Griefing // Appeal at
./ban (user) Multiple Plot Griefs // Appeal at
./tempban (user) (length) Griefing (griefed player)'s plot.

Inappropriate Builds:
./tempban (user) 7d  (reason)

My Method: 
Here's my method for rolling back griefs.
You arrive on the scene and find the grief.
use ./lb tb to determine the griefer. After you have identified the griefer(s) you then
./lb rb player (username) area (radius) since (time) 
then you ban the user (either pem or temp depending on the grief).

Isaak's Method:
Here's Isaak's method for rolling back griefs (Via CoreProtect)
You arrive at the grief.
Use /co i to determine the griefer (/lb tb might also work). After you determine the offender(s), use the rollback command.

For my example, I will rollback using Radius.
/co rb r:10 u:gabanyo t:2h a:-block
This will rollback everything the user gabanyo broke since 2 hours ago

Commands for CoreProtect:
/co inspect - Toggle the inspector
/co rollback <params> - Rollback block data
/co restore <params> - Restore block data
/co lookup <params> - Advanced block data lookup
/co undo - Revert a rollback/restore via the opposite action
/co help - Display a list of commands

Command Params:
u:<user> - Specify a user to rollback.
t:<time> - Specify the amount of time to rollback (With W=Weeks H=Hours S= Seconds M= Minutes and D= Days)
r:<radius> - Specify a radius. (1-100) You can use worldedit selections too.
b:<blocks> - Restrict the rollback to certain block types.
e:<exclude> - Exclude certain block types from the rollback.
(You can find a list of block type IDs at http://www.minecraftwiki. ... net/wiki/Data_values )
a:<action> - Restrict the lookup to a certain action, helpful when the offender helped build the plot
(   Actions you can restrict to:
    a:block (blocks placed/broken)
    a:+block (blocks placed)
    a:-block (blocks broken)
    a:click (player interactions)
    a:container (items taken from or put in chests, etc.)
    a:+container (items put in chests, etc.)
    a:-container (items taken from chest)
    a:command (commands used)
    a:username (username changes) )
#<hashtag> - Add a hashtag to the end of your command to perform additional actions.
( Hashtags you can use
  #preview (Preview a rollback/restore)
  #count (Return the number of rows found in a lookup query)
  #verbose (Display additional information during a rollback/restore)
  #silent (Display minimal information during a rollback/restore, I highly recommend using this when dealing with large griefs) )

Server Advertisement:
Another intolerable offense is advertising a server on our server/TS
./ban (user) Server Advertisement

Bypassing Ban:
If a you believe a player who is already banned is using another account to get on the server
you are to ban that account. You can check with: 
./alts (user)
That will list any account that has connected using the same IP as the banned player.
./ban (user) Bypassing Ban (original banned account)

This thread will be updated as necessary.
Last Edit: 18th Apr 2016 by MaleQueenOfKFC
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