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LydCraft Staff Guidelines
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2nd Apr 2016

The following thread will explain the duties of a staff member on LydCraft.
As a staff member of LydCraft  there are some things expected of you, they are as follows.

  • Respectfulness 
to both your fellow staff members and to members of the community.

  • Professionalism 
Here at LydCraft we strive for the highest quality in server quality and with our staff team.

  • Dedication
If you want to be staff here you'll need to be dedicated to this community and team.

  • Honesty
You will impress no one by lying, our team needs to be honest!

  • Friendliness
Always put your best foot forward, you represent the server in everything you do.

As a staff member you are bound to run across another staff member that you believe is not performing his/her job correctly. We request that you take any complaints against fellow staff straight to our owner.  She will sort it out and provide punishment as she sees fit. IT IS NOT YOUR JOB TO PUNISH THEM. It's your job to report them to her.

Life happens, we get it. If you need to take a leave of absence, all we ask is that you report it properly 
so that  we will know and so you won't get demoted for inactivity. Failure to notify us will result in a demotion 
due to inactivity.

Forum » Community » Moderator and Administrator Information Locked
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