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Moderator Guidelines
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13th Apr 2016

The following thread will describe the moderator guidelines.

Valid Warn Reasons:
  • Overuse of Profanity (warn)
  • Discrimination [Including Racism, Homophobia, Sexism, etc...] (3 day mute)
  • Player/Staff Disrespect (warn)
  • Spam Encouragement (warn)
  • Server Advertisement [MODS: Perm Mute, ADMIN: Perm Ban]
  • Bullying (30 minute mute)
  • Attempting to disconnect players (warn)
  • Unwanted Behavior (warn)
  • Drug/Alcohol Reference (warn)
  • Long/Spammy Hashtags (warn)
/warn (user) (reason)


The spam reason is to be used when a player spams chat.
Mastergle: asdfjkhsaldkjfhlsjadfhlksjdhf
Mod: /warn Mastergle Spam (Gibberish)

The discrimination is to be used when a player makes discriminatory marks towards others.
Mastergle: Girls can't do anything unless guys say they can
MastergleIsBae: Guys can't do anything right

Both Mastergle and MastergleIsBae get a 3 day mute for their Sexist remarks.

Player/Staff Disrespect:
The Player/Staff Disrespect reason will be used when a player is being disrespectful.

UnhappySkrub: You stupid mods are a waste of time and can't do anything right
MeanPlayer: TotallyFakeUsername is a moron and shouldn't be allowed to play here.

Both of those players will be would be warned for player/staff disrespect

Server Advertisement:
If someone advertises a server you are to permanently mute them.
/mute (user) Server Advertisement

Mastergle: Join my server at

Drug/Alchohol Reference:
You use this warn reason if someone references drugs.

Mastergle: Smoking marijuana makes me smart like Bill!

Long/Spammy Hashtags:
You use this warn reason if someone spams a hashtag.

Mastergle: #Thisisareallylonghashtag

Overuse of Profanity:
You use this warn reason if someone is overly swearing.

/warn (user) (reason)
This is the command you will find yourself using the most.

/tempmute (user) (length) (reason)
So for 30 you do 30s. For 30 minutes you do 30m. For 30 days do 30d.
s = seconds
m = minutes
h = hours
d = days

/mute (user) (reason)
ONLY to be used when a player server advertises.

This thread will be updated as needed.
Forum » Community » Moderator and Administrator Information Locked
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