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Add World Edita
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Joined: 6th Apr 2016
Rank: Moderator
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8th Apr 2016


For my suggestion, I think you should add World Edit to the plots. I think it would be a nice touch and would motivate people to build better structures. Another server I have played on also had this. If you're worried people could crash the server, you can set  building limit on the world edit meaning you can only generate an x number of blocks or a x radius.

Thank you for reading!  
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Joined: 2nd Apr 2016
Rank: Admin
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9th Apr 2016

Thank you for the suggestion. We are really working to get worldedit for players, most likely as a Donor Perk or a Voting perk. If you do need help with world edit though, you can ask an online administrator for help.

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Administrator on LydCraft Minecraft server

Forum » Community » Feedback & Suggestions
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